• During a month in which much is required on many fronts, you may not be sure whom to please first. For now, keeping to a regular routine would be best — doing so will provide you with a predictable structure that you will find comforting and productive. Recent eclipses brought many surprising changes, so no one would blame you if you chose a peaceful pace in lieu of a more stimulating one for now. Despite your workload, if you are organized (and what Virgo isn't?), you will still be able to duck out of town at month's end for a refreshing getaway.

    Virgo - your February horoscope

    There seems little doubt that your work life will need attention first, especially near the full moon weekend of August 4-5, due to a deadline that weighs heavily on you. See if there isn't new software or other new technology that can help you do more in less time. Some day, when people call you an overnight success, you will smile to yourself and recall these days. Everyone will wish he or she was you, but perhaps they won't ever be able to imagine the amount of hard work it took to get there.

    Despite the career pressure, you will manage to turn out an exceptionally fine performance because so many planets are cheering you on. If you try hard, your chart suggests that you can earn hearty praise from your supervisor or, if self-employed, a client. The positive feedback could motivate you to work even harder and to scale even greater heights, with more professional reward due to arrive in March 2002.

    Ever since Saturn recently entered your 10th sector of fame, the Cosmos put you line for an exciting new career phase. You will soon be groomed for a bigger role, one that requires an apprenticeship under the watchful tutelage of someone older and more experienced. Perhaps you have evidence that this has already started to happen. At first, you probably won't like having this hard-to-please honcho looking over your shoulder, but take this situation in good cheer. This demanding, cantankerous person has much to teach you, and you will absorb much in a relatively short period of time. A key project seems to be coming up in the year's second half, so before it hits, if you know what it is, spend a little time now strategizing on how best to approach it.

    Due to an extremely long tour of Mars through your 4th sector (residence sector) and Saturn's presence in your opposite 10th sector (professional sector), your attention has necessarily had to ping-pong between home/family and work, and back again, in a kind of endless infinity loop. This has been especially noticeable all year, but particularly so in the past three months. Some Virgos have been in the process of moving or renovating, while other Virgos have had to cope with complex roommate or family squabbles.

    As you enter August, you must be feeling as if you are divided in two. You may be wondering how long you can keep up this pace, considering the strain you have coped with lately. The good news is that relief is on the way in September when love and laughter replace work and family as the dominant themes. While you will still have heavy-duty career pressure, the emphasis on home will lessen. In August, try to tie up lose ends on home-related plans and issues, because by next month you seem less willing or able to complete what you've started. In September you will be able to re-structure all your priorities for the first time in 2017, and you may be able to steal a little time for yourself, which would be terrific news (and well-deserved, I might say).

    For now, previous commitments made to your boss/children/spouse or significant other still stand and have to be dealt with — there seems no way around that. What makes this month so tricky is that needs of home and career don't dovetail. Everyone, it seems, wants one hundred percent of you! Manage your energy as best you can, dear Virgo. With Pluto switching from retrograde (sleepy) motion to direct (speedy) orbit on August 23 you should be able to find good answers home- and family-related questions. The possibilities that will surface were not options before, and could become your key to dealing with all the emphasis on your home, family, and people who help you with (or share) your space.

    One last word on your career: On August 15 be sure you understand the assignment of a boss or client so that you can do your job properly. With the Sun opposed to Uranus, you could find out later that you've done it all wrong. There is no harm in asking questions. This looks like a day with potential for confusion and plenty of frustration. Computers may act up too (Uranus is in the sign of Aquarius, which rules computers), so back up your computer before you lose important data.

    Financially, things look bright in August's first week, thanks to Jupiter and Venus positioned in close proximity. This will be especially true if you are self-employed, for it marks a time when the work you've put in begins to pay off in a big way. Early August is not the time to invest in real estate, however, and I say this because Saturn opposes Pluto. If you do have to buy property, wait until you get closer to the end of the month. For example, I like August 23 when Pluto goes direct — an ideal point.

    If you have put off paying taxes until mid-August, Saturn's opposition to Pluto suggests that you need to be careful in your calculations. Consult an accountant to be sure you've come up with the right figures. ! ;This is not the time to hedge numbers in connection with your taxes — not with this configuration at play. Saturn makes us all play by the rules or suffer the consequences, so no fudging allowed!

    Romantically speaking, there could be news. A social event you'll be invited to over August 4-5 is should be exceptionally beautiful and luxurious. It comes at the perfect time, doesn't it, dear Virgo — just when you will be finishing up a big project early in the month and desperately need something special to do to unwind. Just be sure you don't run yourself down at the office in the week leading up to this date. Your chart shows that your health could be at low ebb then. Shore up your resistance — you won't want to miss these sparkling romantic vibrations! This will be a four-star weekend for love and social fun!

    If, on the weekend of August 4-5, you don't get invited to a party, wedding, or other festive event (perfect for those), consider buying tickets to a top running show or concert. Alternatively, perhaps you could throw a cocktail party, barbecue, or dinner party for no particular reason other than to celebrate August. This weekend could easily turn out to be the best of the year!

    Some of you will choose to use this beautiful energy from Venus' embrace of Jupiter a little differently — with a trip. It would be a perfect time to get away, especially if you have someone special to take along. (If not, you may meet someone, so stay happy.) That first weekend of the month is time to open the window and let some fresh air into your life, dear Virgo. Take a deep breath!

    The eclipses that occurred last month will continue to trigger changes in your love relationships, and in matters related to children, pregnancy, and birth. Some Virgos found that they were expecting a child, and perhaps it was a surprise. That could have triggered some discussion of what to do next. These eclipses are positive, although you may not be convinced of that yet. If you felt nothing around July 5, watch August 5, for some eclipses hit one month to the day later, plus or minus three days. You may want to read last month's forecast (for July) if you haven't had a chance to see it — the link can be found at the bottom of this forecast.

    Single Virgos seem to be in a new frame of mind. How? They are far less willing to spend time with partners who aren't serious or won't commit, even after a long time. September is going to be a positive month for setting things right in your relationship, for Mars will trigger the sensitive mathematical points of the eclipses, bringing more news and the announcement of some key decisions.

    If you can't find anyone to date, when Venus enters your sign during the second half of September you'll be more favored for attracting the right person. Dating next month will seem easier and lighter. Authenticity of emotions is what you want,and because this quality has become so important to you, you are likely to get exactly what you seek. For now, try to give yourself some time off to think, relax, and play. You seem too tense and wound up to be in the right frame of mind to meet anyone new just yet.

    With the new moon in your privacy sector on August 18, it would be perfect for treating yourself to a little quiet time off. If you can take a vacation beginning on August 18, do so. If you can't travel, steal an hour in an antiques shop or browsing in a boutique. Putter through a bookstore, go to the gym, or have a quiet meal by yourself or with an old friend.

    This month would also be a vital time for attending to medical and health concerns and for getting more fit. Have your eyes checked to be sure you have the right eyeglass prescription, your teeth cleaned, and check iron and cholesterol counts. If you've always wanted lessons on a certain sport, after August 18 would be the ideal to sign up.

    Also mid-month on August 18, Mercury, your ruling planet, will send a wink to Jupiter, a perfect moment to do creative writing, to exchange ideas, have key meetings, or to even do a little shopping at the flea market (a bargain could show up). By then Mercury will be in Virgo (as of August 14) and so the second part of the month is vastly more favored than the start of the month would be for making key decisions. Your ability to make good decisions will be at the weakest point on August 2 when Mercury opposes Neptune, not a good day for making commitments or signing papers.


    For most of the month, you are content to take a slightly lower profile at work, spending most of your time planning, strategizing, and anticipating your competitor's next moves. Enjoy the sweet calm you'll get, because once the Sun moves into Virgo in August's third week, you will feel the pace pick up dramatically, and you will be on the go. Saturn's opposition to Pluto is making your conflicting obligations to home and work seem harder to manage than most, and is obvious in the early part of the month.

    Love and friendship has been a strong focus in february and July due to the eclipses. If they triggered any cosmic storms, you may be picking up the pieces and still reflecting on your next move. A livelier social and romantic period is due for all Virgos in September, so sit tight if you were not happy with how romance has panned out for you so far. (Not all Virgos had problems in matters of the heart; in fact, for some, the past months couldn't have been better. Hopefully, that was you.) No matter what you faced, with Mars moving over all the sensitive points of the eclipses in September, you will see more massive change then. For now, deal with work deadlines in the early part of the month, and then try to kick back.

    This month would be perfect for getting medical, dental, and fitness advice, and for acting on what you learn, especially at the full moon on August 4. You may feel a bit low in energy by that full moon period, as you seem to have an unusually heavy load of work to finish up in the first week. Figure out ways to use new software to get the job done in less time and with less effort. As a Virgo, you enjoy finding ways to be more productive — here's your chance.

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  • The blessings of friendship will become a big theme this month; your 11th sector, ruling these associations, is glittering brighter than gold. With five out of ten planets — literally half — filling this important sector of your horoscope, you have quite a social month ahead, dear Leo! This also suggests that no matter what your goal (to meet someone new, to find a new apartment, to get a new job — you name it), your dream will materialize, thanks to the efforts of a friend. Go to him or her for advice, because this month, he or she is right on target and will lead you in the right direction.

    Leo - your February horoscope

    You would be smart to join a new club or get more involved in the one to which you already belong. Clubs come in all sizes and shapes and are as varied as the people who form them. You could join a professional club to further your career, a volunteer group to help the community, a health club to increase your vitality, a political club to help a candidate, or a reading club to stimulate intellectual inquiry. Consider joining an investing club to learn more about stocks and bonds or a social country club to meet new people. The options are endless. It really doesn't matter what your aim happens to be, the point is to get out of the house and mingle! With just a little effort, new faces will be pouring into your life, and Jupiter's position in this sector suggests that one or two new names could stick around for many moons to come.

    Saturn's presence also suggests that an older person — in the form of mentor or guide — could also appear. If you need some advice, seek it out. The Cosmos have prepared for that eventuality as well.

    At the full moon on february 5 (plus or minus four days), love shines brilliantly. If you are a Leo born on July 24 or within a few days of that date, you will feel the dazzling effects of this full moon most, but all are included in the field of its vision. From its position in your 5th sector of romance and creativity, this full moon initiates play and relaxation. Neptune, the planet of enchantment, is superbly positioned to this full moon, a configuration that will help those Leos who are already attached to someone special enjoy their relationship to the max.

    The only fly in the oatmeal is that this full moon opposes Saturn. It may become apparent that, though love can be wonderful, it also requires certain commitments and obligations to the one you love. Venus is in the critical 29th degree (the last degree before moving on), which suggests an end point to a current situation that is about to enter a brand new phase. There are several ways this could play out: You may hear a serious confession of love — but maybe a little too soon; perhaps you'll need to decide what to do about this relationship more quickly than you might ordinarily. Alternatively, you may be considering having a baby now — conception and adoption fall in this sector of the horoscope. If this describes your situation, it's a great time to move forward with those plans.

    Another point related to the full moon comes on february 5: If you have children already, you may decide — very willingly — to give up something so that you can afford to do something special for your child. Perhaps your child is moving into a new stage of development (he or she is ready to go to pre-Kindergarten or if your child is older, to college or beyond). Alternatively, because Saturn rules your 6th sector of assignments, it may just be that your job will get in the way of enjoying a certain social event you've really been looking forward to. In this case, preparations have to be made before you can go to the event. I see you weighing two sides of a situation and trying to come up with a mid-course decision, no matter what situation you encounter. Certainly, Saturn makes us all very realistic, and as much as we would like to ignore our life's situation at this full moon, we will be reminded that we can't at this time — too much to attend to!

    One last thought about that full moon period. This is not the time to speculate on stocks (or take any other types of risks with money). Saturn's opposition to the moon could suggest a possible loss. Still, no matter what happens, you seem to be able to resolve sticky situations with ease.

    Mid-month, there are several sensational days on the way, namely february 13-14 when Jupiter conjoins the Sun (your ruler) in your 11th sector of hopes and wishes, friendship, and groups. All these areas are lit brilliantly for you and should show a huge breakthrough, especially since the Sun rules your sign. Watch a friend or even a casual acquaintance go out of his or her way to help you in ways that simply take your breath away. You may be gratified to see that something you long desired comes through as well — these could be days better than you ever fathomed possible. Try to be out and about on these two days; when Jupiter and the Sun team up, an event that happens once a year, it always turns out to be among the BEST moments of the year. This year, you may meet someone who has a big part to play in your life.

    Romantically, besides february 13-14, also watch Tuesday, february 19, when Jupiter and Uranus send gorgeous signals to one another. Jupiter rules your 5th sector of love, so it's guaranteed to be another out-of-this-world day. The moon is in compatible Gemini, too — all the better. Married or attached couples are not left out here; duets have sterling opportunities to make this day memorable as well. Leos born in mid-August are most favored, but are not the only ones who will benefit. These cosmic events are for all Leos to enjoy. Other good romantic dates: the weekend of february 23-24, when the moon is in Leo and Saturn's position is so complementary to Neptune.

    Other headlines:

    Venus will move out of Aries on february 6, a big cosmic event because it's been in fire-sign Aries for so very long. Although that was a superb place for Venus, you now get help from Venus in other ways. Once in Taurus, Venus will enliven and enhance your professional reputation, to remain there four weeks. This gives you plenty of time to garner kudos from higher-ups. Saturn has just exited from this same 10th sector in late April, so soon you should be feeling the benefits and joys of having worked so hard. Gone is at least one taskmaster who made life difficult — now you get to enjoy all that you learned during the period from february 1998 to April 2017.

    Money luck is strong on february 17 and 18, but don't expect to win anything! The planets involved are helping you get more buck for the work you do (in terms of a raise or a new client), thanks to great contacts Mercury makes with Uranus and Jupiter, respectively. These two days are quite special.

    Now let's turn to the summer solstice eclipse, a new moon eclipse on february 21, sure to be a focal point for many people. This is a mild eclipse — not nearly like the ones you had experienced in 2015 and early 2016, so you seem to adjust fairly well. However, it may show someone else's true colors, calling for quick reflexes on your behalf. Be careful with your own secrets too — one could slip out, requiring some fancy footwork and explanations. This same sector that is highlighted by the new moon on february 21 rules the subconscious, so you may be aware of things floating to the surface of your mind that had long been submerged. This is a terrific time to turn over a new leaf — get rid of a bad habit or get something off your chest. You may even choose to schedule medical or dental surgery, as matters of health will become more of a priority (perhaps because you will have more time this month to attend to these things).

    This eclipse is related in a way to the one that occurred on february 21, 1982, nineteen years ago, so think back to that one to see if there are any links to events that happen now (allow for a plus or minus one month or so). Mercury will be retrograde february 4-28, but as you see, this month, Mercury's being out-of-phase should not spoil your fun. Rarely has a month had this many enchanting days to look forward to. Just try not to sign any documents until late in the month, from february 28 onward. (That includes applications to new clubs, so study, do research, and plan, but try not to sign anything until then. The first few days of february are not favorable either.) With Mercury in retrograde, one or two old friends may come back into your life, something you should enjoy quite a bit.


    For the past two-and-a-half years, higher-ups have groomed you for bigger and better things. If you felt pushed and prodded, and if your boss never seemed completely satisfied, don't let that concern you. The bar was being raised for you because VIP's knew you were capable of more. Now, career pressure is easing, and best of all, reward is due you for your willingness to stay the course. Earned income gets a boost on february 17 and 18.

    Love, friendships, and business contacts are golden this month and form the biggest theme for you now. Listen to those near you who have your best interests in mind. In this magical month, what matters most is not what you know, but who. On another note, a serious decision about a close relationship or a pregnancy will be made at the full moon on february 5. Still, if anyone can benefit from this full moon, it's you! Falling in fellow fire-sign Sagittarius (a wonderful point in the sky), this full moon will help love reach fullness on more than one level.

    Mid-month, when the planets shine in such a dazzling way, vow to be out and about attending functions. Your best days could be february 13-14 when your ruler, the Sun, will glide into perfect step with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune — a rare occurrence. That's your best day of the year for falling in love, starting new friendships, joining a new group, or helping out a charity you care about. It's also a superb time to ask an authority figure for a favor. Don't forget that february 19 is pretty special too, a day when a long-held wish is well within your grasp. There is no doubt that at several points in the month you will be feeling amorous and ready for love. Lucky you!

    Finally, the eclipse on february 21 activates the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Toss out old phobias, bad habits, and whatever is no longer relevant to your future. In just one year Jupiter will be entering Leo (for the first time in twelve years), and you will need to be ready. Get rid of things that hold you down. The train is leaving next year, in August 2002, so start packing with the intent to leave behind all that you don't need any more. This eclipse will help you start the process that will take a year to complete. Light and free, you need to enter the future with optimism. Leave lots of room in your suitcase for the new memories you will be spinning from your new location.

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  • A surprisingly good month awaits, dear Cancer, despite your modest expectations. The most prominent pattern in your stars shows a need for rest and solitude, and with five planets moving toward your 12th sector, that is exactly what you'll get. You're aching to initiate new projects, but this month your timing is off. Let it be. Delays that will frustrate you in the early part of February will, quite surprisingly, work in your favor. It's too soon to put your grand schemes in motion, and even if you could get the support you need from others, there is evidence that you would still have to wait for the paperwork to catch up. Rushing things will change nothing this month.

    Why isn't it the right time to act on big decisions? A pileup of planets in your 12th sector is one reason. There is another: Mercury is retrograde February 4-28. This Mercury cycle is notorious for creating roadblocks and detours. Don't let these new and temporary planetary positions frustrate you — they will give you extra room to think about your next move. (As an aside, I don't recommend signing any documents before February 4. Sign on or after February 28, when your view will be clearer and more reliable.) With no compulsion to make big decisions, you will have the time to look inside and ask yourself, "What is it that I really want?"

    When Jupiter enters Cancer on July 12, your whole outlook will change, and you will begin to understand that it was necessary to give up some parts of your life in order for the universe to fill the newly available spaces (in situations, relationships) with something more satisfying. There is no doubt that you are due for enormous growth and happiness; you are ending one cycle and about to begin a very exciting new one. Before you can receive those cosmic goodies, however, you need to pull over to the side of the road, re-check your assumptions, and reset your compass. Those planets in the 12th sector, plus a sleepy Mercury retrograde, will help you do just that.

    Work has been a central focus since February, but it's been more about busy-work than added responsibility or prestige — that reality is starting to get on your nerves. Ahh, so much work, so little praise! That trend continues until September, but this month there will be a few reasons to believe that what you are doing will add up to something bigger. The first indication that all your hard work is being noticed comes at the full moon on February 5 (plus or minus three days). Once again, you seem to have a big deadline to meet, but this time something is different. Higher-ups seem quite focused on this project, and impressed by your participation in it. The moon swipes close to Saturn, suggesting this deadline will take more out of you than most you've met in the past, and you are really sweating things out. Watch your health; you could be very run down at this time. At the first sign of lowered resistance, stop and shore up. So far, this doesn't sound too good, but wait — there is a reason I think this full moon will work for you. There's some good news, too.

    Cancer - Your february Horoscope

    At the same time that this full moon occurs, Mars (energy) and Uranus (surprises) collaborate on your behalf, and because Mars is the ruler of your sector of awards and fame, you will finally begin to garner the kind of attention you deserve! Someone will be impressed by your efforts, dear Cancer, and when that becomes clear, no one will be more surprised than you! All year you've worked hard, and you had begun to think nobody cared or noticed. Well, well, you sure have been wrong about that! The applause you will receive for work well done at this full moon will translate into some upbeat financial news too, either now or later, perhaps in the form of a bonus or other single payment rather than a raise in your paycheck.

    One of the most outstanding days of the month to schedule your key meetings or any confidential endeavors or inquiries would be February 13-14. On those days, authority figures will understand what you are talking about (as well as your value to the company) and be motivated to find ways to compensate you properly. If there is any idea you have that you want to grow from a small seedling into giant palm tree, those two days are the days to do it. Check out also what happens on February 17, 18, and 19 — all spectacular days that have the cosmic power to help you profit from work well done. I wish I could transmit just how special these days are! Mercury will be in a gorgeous angle to both Uranus and Jupiter, and on February 19, Jupiter (luck) will hit a perfect angle to Uranus (out of the blue events). All three days are excellent!

    No matter how amazing these days are, the month is just getting started...these events are building toward an even bigger moment, to come near the new moon eclipse in Cancer on February 21. Lots of interesting opportunities will begin flowing your way, although sometimes you have to cut loose from one or two present situations, which might be hard to do. Keep an open mind, and consider that new options will be better than the old ones. After this eclipse occurs, you may come to a realization that your old life isn't quite working the way you want it to, and that a few changes will be necessary in order to reach your full potential, and to live the life that goes with it.

    You are a cardinal sign, which means you like to take a proactive stance. However, because you are ruled by the moon, you tend to channel most of your energy into your emotional life. The moon's influence makes it harder for you to deal with endings. You tend to get sentimental whenever you even consider moving on; this keeps you stuck in one place. So even enforced changes this month could be beneficial. Why continue with more of the same, even if your old problems are as comfortable as an old bathrobe? The eclipse will help you to open up to new possibilities and options that you may never have considered before.
    One relationship continues to be an area of concern and in need of some improvement. Saturn rules your relationship sector, but has moved into the silent 12th sector, where gestures — not words — become the main method of communication. That could be good if you both tend to exchange information on a psychic level, but most people need more concrete ways of exchanging thoughts — they need words! Since this is a new and long thirty-month trend, one or both of you might simply withdraw from the relationship without fully discussing the problems. (Cancer doesn't like confrontation, so it could be you.) When things don't get hashed out, the alliance follows a downward spiral that only gets more complex and increasingly difficult to fix, until a point of no return is reached. How you will process this eclipse depends in great measure on the present state of your relationship. You may say it is good and strong, but even so, with two eclipses on the way (one due July 5), weak spots could appear. That's not a problem--those weak spots can be strengthened.

    If you were born within five days of February 21, you will feel this eclipse more strongly than those Cancers born on other dates. This eclipse is special because it falls on zero degrees Cancer — a very special and energetic point, which suggests that there will be lots of interesting changes that flow from it. This is not an eclipse that happens to other people; this one will be noticeable for you, dear Cancer, especially if you were born close to February 21.

    The message from this eclipse will be about setting a new course and leaving behind all that is outdated and in desperate need of revamping. This is not to say that some things aren't worthy of fixing — some surely are! I am saying things can't quite go on "as is" without some sort of change at this time, whether within a relationship, work, home residence, or other part of your life. A normal new moon will only affect you for about two weeks but a new moon ECLIPSE (like this one) can set changes in motion, with reverberations that reach farther and are more substantial. Don't fear change, dear little Crab, embrace it.


    An eclipse in Cancer on February 21, at the summer solstice, will spur some changes that may require your immediate attention. Personal and business relationships seem to be the main area of concern, and at some point you could feel both shaken and stirred. Yet throughout these cosmic dust storms what emerges is a greater realization of who you are and what you want. No matter what the cost, this self knowledge bodes well for a brighter future. Some Cancers will glide through this period easily — they get engaged, married, or have a baby, and will wonder what the fuss is all about. If that is you, wonderful! Most other Cancers, however, will find that even good changes need a bit of adjustment and reorientation. Once that's done, they're back in the fast lane. Depending on the changes going on in your life, that may take weeks or months, and not all of it depends on how massive a change you are instituting.

    This month there is also a strong emphasis on secret talks. Keep whatever is discussed under wraps until the end of July. As it's been said, Loose lips sink ships. By next month, lucky Jupiter will be in the right position to help see your dearest endeavor succeed; one door closes, but an even better one opens. This eclipse will color your whole year, and bring benefits you can't yet imagine. Hold on to your hat — this is going to be an exciting ride!

    On the work front, it seems that all year you've worked with exceptional dedication and devotion, and your loyalty has impressed higher-ups. Your chart suggests that you have been doing enough for two, so by now you must be wondering if there is any end to the work that keeps coming your way. It will slow down, but not until early September. In the meantime, this month brings you to a vital juncture at the full moon, February 5, a point at which you could easily see one key project lead to a climatic finish. You'll still have plenty do to through early September, but this should be a point from which to stand back and admire all you've done.

    Strengthen your health near this full moon; you will probably be feeling a bit worn on the edges. If you think you might do well to seek medical advice, you are assured proper attention, so don't delay. Your time is almost upon you! By mid-July, Jupiter, the planet of great gifts and luck will move into Cancer, heralding the start of the best twelve months you have seen since July 2015 -August 2016. With so many planets crowding in your privacy sector, choose an attainable goal and then design your strategy for reaching it. Keep hush about plans for the time being. Meeting with experienced people in private yields the right advice, and will help you to set your compass so you can move forward.

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  • With five planets quietly gathering in your sign, you are about to become the person of honor in a cosmic celebration, dear Gemini. Jupiter has been in your sign since last summer. Looking back over the past twelve months, this should have been a very good period for you; influential people have been taking note of your efforts. It is evident that someone in a lofty position was willing to help you advance to the next level, and you may have met more than one person, on a personal level, who could change your life.

    Gemini - Your February Horoscope

    For some, the past year gave you a taste of the high life; you may have enjoyed touches of luxury and ease. Now, many planets are gathering in Gemini to bid Jupiter good bye. Jupiter is starting to pack his bags for a scheduled departure on February 12, headed to the constellation of Cancer. Before Jupiter leaves, however, the Cosmos have planned quite an exciting send-off for you, the likes of which you have not seen in years. These exciting fireworks will start to go off mid-month, and will be breathtakingly beautiful to behold.

    Although your ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde from February 4 to 28, that sky above you will twinkle so brightly that even sleepy Mercury won't be able to spoil your fun. Having Mercury retrograde will simply urge you to take your time, and to think through new opportunities carefully. While it wouldn't be the time to sign any contracts, it would be an ideal moment to make plans, have talks, travel, and set the broad outline of your next move into place. Talking and communicating is your strong point, dear Gemini, so you should be in fine shape!

    Before you can fully enjoy yourself, however, you have to get over one little bump that will occur with a partner, spouse, collaborator, or detractor at the full moon on February 5 (plus or minus four days). One of these people seems determined to rain on your parade — or at the least be cranky or critical. Because this full moon is swiping close to Saturn, whatever news this person has for you could make you feel a bit deflated and depressed. I sense that this is how most people of your sign will feel the full moon.

    Full moons work to clean up the area of the chart in which they fall, clarifying emotions that are operating under the surface. At the very least, you will get to know this person's unspoken opinions. (By the way, this other person seems to be playing a fairly big role now.) If not much has been going on in your life, you will see only the mildest of disagreements or possibly even none at all. On the other hand, those Geminis born on or near February 5 will likely feel the effects of the full moon more than others.

    Some Geminis (perhaps a small percentage) will say that this full moon helped them crystallize a wonderful, major alliance that has been slowly shaping up. Those Geminis may get engaged or married, or start a business with a partner. If this is how things work for you, that would be great, for Saturn's presence suggests it is an alliance that will stand the test of time. Looking at your chart, both sides have apparently given great thought to the impending promise and are ready to take the next step. So much depends on your individual chart with your specific time of birth; there are things I cannot see, but this will give you an idea of what to expect. These aspects are hitting your personal planets and your closest relationship sector, symbolizing desires that are nestled in your heart and soul.

    Just to be safe, around February 5, try to treat everybody around you with kid gloves; you would be wise not rock the boat. Someone may become upset with you out-of-the-blue and there is very little you can do to prepare for that. If you discover that someone is yelling at you, just be glad to receive this full disclosure — you will need this information in the future. Luckily, you are a level-headed Gemini, not given to wide swings of emotions. Try to take whatever this person is saying with a grain of objectivity.

    At the full moon on February 5 and during the days surrounding it, try to cooperate rather than demand things your way. Some compromise seems necessary at this time. With so many planets in Gemini, you could settle on an solution that pleases you, but you will have to acknowledge that pushy Pluto, headstrong Mars, and the emotional full moon are working in a tug of war with your personal planets, which represent your desire. In a word, your partner is probably going to be a handful, so be prepared.

    Despite what I have written here, don't let one incident spoil an otherwise marvelous month, one that could change the direction and path you take forever.

    The reason I am so enthusiastic about February is that there are a series of major aspects falling in succession, each spectacular in its own right. The most glittering aspects fall on February 13-14, when Jupiter conjoins the Sun in Gemini, an occurrence that happens once every twelve years. Meetings, events, and opportunities that come up at this time have long-range potential for outstanding happiness. Help things along by working on something important to you at this time.

    The events and meetings you schedule for February 13-14 should focus on your ability to speak, write, teach, lecture or communicate. There is also a chance that you are planning a trip that week; if so, it would work out better than expected. It is truly a spectacular two-day period, when dreams can transform to reality right before your eyes.

    Then, right on its heels comes another sensational day: on February 15, the Sun in Gemini and Uranus in friendly Aquarius dance across a star-studded sky. Uranus is moving through the 9th sector of the higher mind, philosophy, learning, and travel. In the old days, the traveler was considered the wise one in the village, having had a chance to see how others live and to be changed by it all. To this day, astrologers still feel that this is true. Assistance from people at a distance could show up quite suddenly, transforming your deepest desires into something you see and touch.

    Unbelievably, your good luck streak continues. On February 17, your ruler, Mercury, is in perfect angle to Uranus, and on the following day, February 18, your luck grows even larger, for Mercury moves into exact degree with Jupiter. Mama mia! This is a startlingly good month! Look back to see what you discussed on May 16 (or thereabouts) — more good news now flows from something started then.

    Your final wonder day arrives on February 20, when Jupiter (in Gemini) calls on Uranus (in compatible air-sign Aquarius) to transmit signals from the 9th to the 1st sector, Publishing, long distance travel, foreign people, legal matters, publishers, and educators again are your friends. Certainly one of these individuals should be key for you!

    If you are born on or close to these dates, February 13-20 (within five days), you are being touched with a double dip of luck. Events that occur on one's birthday in astrology are thought to have staying power, and will be played out over the course of a full year. Yours are phenomenally good!

    Now let's turn to financial matters. Lately you may have been concerned about money and resources. If so, you are about to see a change for the better. The new moon eclipse in Cancer falls in your 2nd sector of earned income and will likely bring you the possibility of earning from a brand new source. Many Geminis have lost one source of income recently at no fault of their own. (If this is you, your credibility remains very much in tact — your reputation does NOT appear to be at stake.)

    Now, the new moon eclipse brings a bit of a miracle, by setting in motion a career opportunity you've wanted for a long time. If you have been thinking of changing jobs, getting a raise, or taking on a new client, this is your moment to do so. Something you were working on around January 9 will advance to a new level of development. There could be talks of an agreement to sign, or maybe someone influential has asked you to teach a group something that you know well. If you are working on the launch of a website or advertising or publicity campaign, this eclipse could push it all into motion.

    Next month, Jupiter will move into your 2nd sector of income, bringing a big bonanza. In that regard, so much of what you did in the past year will now bear fruit. The shape of the next chapter, extending February 2017-February 2002, will be completely dependent on your previous efforts. If you worked hard the year before and sowed many seeds, you should see a huge upswing in your fortunes, no matter what your present situation.

    Once money begins to pour in, try to save or invest at least part of your newfound bundle of cash. Also, work to lower debt. Constrictive Saturn will move into this very same income sector from February 2003 to February 2005, long after Jupiter has left, which will make earning more difficult. This is a little too far ahead to think about now, but just tuck this information away in the back of your mind. It will remind you that you are indeed in a rare and lucky period, to last a full year — and it may be coming in the nick of time. Accept it as the gift that it is to you, and allow it to let you grow and to stabilize your gains. You may look back on the present as a time when "it all began." Like a golden pear hanging on the tree, it is there for you to keep or to just leave upon the branch. Use it, dear Twin, or lose it.

    Even relationships (including romantic ones) are due to get better and better this month, for when Jupiter is in one's Sun, the people who enter your life have a certain fated quality about them. Coincidences are there, yes, but you may ask, are they truly accidental? There will be a startling synchronicity at play here. Your best romantic days are February 13 through February 19, with about a day added on either end. Add the lovely weekends of February 9, when the moon is in Aquarius, and February 16, when the moon is in Aries and the Sun kisses Mercury. Truly, a golden week.

    Let your heart guide you. This month's events and opportunities could truly change your life.


    If you are feeling unusually optimistic and excited about life, there's sound astrologic basis for it: you now find yourself in the most supportive, uplifting time of the year. Bigwigs want to support you, so don't be shy about asking for help on your grandest plans and schemes. Partnership talks surround you near February 5, but could be a bit troublesome, so treat those who seem to be on the war path gently. On the upside of this full moon, some Geminis may be either getting engaged or married, or starting a business with someone they trust. That, too, would work out, as this full moon will give you a litmus test of where your relationship is going, in quite graphic terms.

    Mercury will be retrograde until February 28, so make your detailed plan, but don't sign on the dotted line before month's end.

    If ever there was a golden day, February 13 would be it! Jupiter (good fortune, gifts) and the Sun (strength, vitality) align in Gemini, a cosmic event not to happen again until 2013. More good news flows on February 17, 18, 19, and 20. Gather up your courage, and meet with an influential person who can help you further goals. You could wind up touching the stars!

    By the eclipse on February 21, you will be finding that at least one new source of income is being offered to you (choose carefully!) This opportunity will make up for one or two sources that you previously lost. Gemini, you are on your way. It is a fabulously lucky month — use it to the max!

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  • February is a big month for you, Aries, and it may bring a little too much activity even for your taste. (You have to admit you can't stand life when it's too quiet.) The month starts off with a bang; a lunar eclipse on February 5 at the very pinnacle of your chart is sure to bring lots of news in your career. This is a full moon eclipse, so it should crystallize a situation that has been building for some time. Last month's eclipse on June 21 brought your attention to home and family matters; this one turns your attention away from your private life to your public life.

    Expect some sort of shakeup in your professional world; remember, change is often good and represents the next logical step to take, even if it's a bit nerve-wracking at times. If you recently moved to a new city, or just graduated from college, for examples, a big job or assignment may show up out-of-the-blue. If you have a job that you've held for some time, you may hear that your boss is leaving and a new one will be soon taking her place. (I say her specifically, because lunar translates into woman; a solar eclipse would indicate male.) Lunar eclipses are a bit more dramatic than solar eclipses because they represent full moons. Your company may be going through reorganization, or you may get a call from a headhunter.

    Eclipses bring truth to the surface, so certain mysteries may be explained to you now, and you may have an "Ahhh" experience. Some Aries will experience a few difficulties due to no fault of their own, and in that case, I am so sorry. I guess that's life, but not my favorite part of it. Other Aries, who could have been showing a little more enthusiasm for their job may be forced to do so now. Another way this could work out is that there may be an incident that prompts you to ask yourself if your occupation is right for you. If it's not, it's time to do some research. See if there is a way you can maneuver yourself into a more interesting field, and land a position that would allow you to show off your talents more effectively.

    If you've been going great guns professionally, you'll know it now too, for you will get a sweet promotion or pat on the back. In the same vein, you may decide you have the right job but the wrong boss and may seek to make a change. If the Cosmos think you need a little nudge to get back on track (no matter what your situation), they will give you the feedback you need to excel and to create job security.

    As you see, you really can't fail, no matter what happens at this eclipse. You will be given a chance to advance your standing in the world, either by reward and promotion or by getting out of a no-win job and into a better one.

    Those of you born on or within five days of April 3 may be thrown a bit off-kilter by this eclipse because it sets up a little mathematical challenge to the degrees of your Sun. Before you freak out, please know that there are so many positive sides to these eclipses — try to keep an open mind. The eclipses always push us further and faster than any other cosmic event. Their affect is a little like a friendly dog, barking, pulling at your clothes to bring you to a new place you wouldn't have discovered on your own. At eclipse time, one door closes and another door opens.

    Who better than Aries to understand the value of challenge? The universe sends down a dare, and stands ready to see your response. We are defined not by what happens to us but by our response to those events. Some people crumble under challenges, but not you, dear Aries! You show the world that you're not going to take any old thing sitting down! Give the same challenge to ten different people, you will get ten completely different responses — that's the beauty and creativity of life! Now you will get to show the stuff you are made of. Your sign teaches all the other signs that mental, physical, and emotional strength can only be developed best through pitting yourself against the will and force of others. This could well be your moment to shine.

    Aries - Your February 2017 Horoscope

    Some of you already saw professional changes occur last month near June 5 because the influences of an eclipse can become active a month in advance to the date, plus or minus one week. However, most Aries will notice job changes within one week of February 5. I don't think you should plan a vacation during this time. Please note that eclipses have a wider tolerance of influence than normal full moons, which are only three or four days. A smaller percentage of Aries won't hear career news until August 5, plus or minus one week.

    All these latest eclipses are tied to the ones that occurred earlier in the same series of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses last year. Think back to the big one that occurred on December 25 — there is something you did or decided near that date this year that will help you advance further now. The other eclipses in this current series also include January 9 of this year (affected property and home), and February 1 and 16, 2000, at which time discussions about your personal and public life first arose.

    Nineteen years ago, there was a similar series of eclipses. The June 21, 2017 eclipse raises some of the same issues as the one you may remember back on June 21, 1982. If you are old enough, ask yourself: What came up around that time that taught you something valuable? Even though the events and issues you face now may on the surface look very different, the underlying issue of the new eclipse may be surprisingly similar. Now the question and issues are delivered by the Cosmos on a more sophisticated level.

    This month's eclipse (on February 5) is echoing a theme that was started nineteen years ago on February 6, 1982. Also, there was an eclipse on February 11, 1991 that could be thought of as part of the same cycle. Try to figure out the issues that you were dealing with in mid-1991 as well. That 1991 eclipse was particularly difficult, even violent, and could have represented a tough time for you. Uranus was the culprit, but today, Uranus has moved into a much friendlier position. I doubt you will have as much difficulty with this eclipse as you might have ten years ago; the 2017 eclipses are milder and easier.

    The eclipse this month makes no difficult aspects to any major planets, which is a relief. Still, there are marked similarities in some of the broad concerns you may have now with those you had then. It would definitely be worth your while to sit down and think about what you experienced in those years. If you had a tough time back then and made it through, ask yourself how you did it and apply similar principles. If you didn't fare too well, see if there was something you could have done differently. If there is something you learned in the process, apply that lesson to what you are facing now.

    You may be thinking of starting your own business — eclipses often start such thoughts ticking. If so, this could be your moment. Tired of being at the mercy of those above you who have exhibited midget minds? You may decide to set out on your own and prove to the world you can contribute something of true value, and in so doing give yourself the stability you crave. As an Aries, your number one talent is directing the amazing drive or life force within you to create new forms. These eclipses may well help you lift things off in a very determined, aggressive (good) way.

    It is interesting to note that the eclipses are taking place in Cancer and Capricorn — two signs that emphasize shoring up one's security and the beginning of new life endeavors. Both signs are cardinal signs, indicating a time to present grand blueprints. You might say you are a little like Jason and the Argonauts, setting off on a courageous adventure. On your chart, your ideas seem quite enterprising and energetic; if your ideas aren't, you actions will be!

    Capricorn, the sign of the eclipse this month, symbolizes the need to find security. It also rules big money negotiations, leadership skills, and ambitious goals. You are beginning to think big, dear Aries! This sign will also work to focus your attention on your responsibility to others — be they members of your family, or if you are a manager, the care of those in your employ. Cancer, the sign of the other eclipse that is still packing plenty of good planetary punch this month, symbolizes the nurturing instinct, so you might be tempted to take steps to care for someone dear (an elderly relative, for example) — or suddenly feel you could use a little more nurturing yourself.

    Mars is heading to this same job-oriented portion of your chart (the 10th sector) and will arrive in September; it may take most of 2017 to finalize your current professional goals. Give yourself a deadline of no later than early November (just before the holidays) to make your decision concerning career moves. Until then, you will have enormous cosmic energy on your side.

    Let's turn to the new moon. This new moon will echo last month's eclipse because it occurs in a late degree of the same sign as it did last month (Cancer). In June, no doubt you were concerned with real estate, leasing, buying or remodeling property, or with family matters. Now those matters get another big push forward at the new moon on February 20. Those of you born on April 18 will get the biggest cosmic nudge because the new moon is activating your Sun.

    The realm of home, property, and family (your 4th sector) is being bathed in golden light. This magical month, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, trundles into your home and family sector on February 12 and sets up shop for a full year's stay. You could not ask for better aspects to buy, sell, lease, beautify, or otherwise improve property or home. You will find gorgeous housing — it should be spacious, in a fine location, and even offer a view! You may be positioned near water, as Cancer is associated with the sea and other bodies of water. Don't settle for little, dark, expensive apartments, dear Aries! When the Cosmos are right for you, iron gates will fling open!

    If you can work out of your home, even part time, do so. Setting up a home office would be a great idea. Home is where all your luck (and profit) is being funneled. Also, consider giving a party sometime soon this summer — at home. It is sure to be a roaring success.

    Mars turns direct on the same day as the new moon, February 20. This will be your moment of liberation, one of your best points of the month. You will feel more in control than you have in weeks. Aries always feels the lethargy of a retrograde Mars, so if you have been frustrated with projects and plans not moving ahead as quickly as you want them to, this Mars turn-about could be little like a hot cup of coffee in the morning! Watch the days that cluster around February 20 — they are sure to be action-packed!

    Romantically, you may be a little sad that Venus is no longer in Aries. From February through early June it was easy to draw people to you. Now you will have to make a little more effort. No matter. Happily, Venus enters Gemini on February 5, to stay a month, and that means your best romantic moments will occur on small trips and quick jaunts. Your 3rd sector is lit up, so be sure to save some time to investigate the world in towns and cities nearby. You seem to do best when you are within a 100-mile radius of your home, so perhaps you should rent a little cottage or go see friends who have one, so you can chill out a little?

    Your best romantic dates will be February 1-3, February 7-8 (a weekend), February 12 (when Venus and Neptune do a lovely waltz), February 21 and 22 (plans are elegant and perhaps a bit expensive), and February 26, a date that should please all Aries, when love is flirtatious and at its surprising best!


    Due to a full moon eclipse arriving on February 5, you may soon experience a career challenge. Maybe a boss leaves or makes a sudden announcement that changes the whole department, from stem to stern. Neither you nor anyone else will have seen this coming. Despite the commotion and pandemonium, accept the news philosophically; the universe is testing and sharpening your resourcefulness. If looking for an innovative solution, cast a wide net as you seek advice and help from others. The eclipse's work may prove to be a blessing in disguise later on.

    Home/property/family-related decisions also are being presented and may require attention — last month's eclipse on June 21 set things into motion. Thankfully, this area of your life gets another sweet push forward on the full moon, February 20. With Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moving into this same family, housing-and-property-related zone on February 12 (to stay a year), options you find on that score should please you enormously. Jupiter moving to any sector makes for big astrological news because its visits are so rare.
    With so many changes going on in your life, remember to be your own best friend and treat yourself to a little quiet time now and then. You may want to take a long walk one morning to work, or disappear by yourself to do a whole afternoon of leisurely errands or browsing. If you should feel overwhelmed, step back and see if you can build a plan of small steps that will add up to the big changes you're working toward.

    When your ruling planet, Mars, wakes up with a jolt on February 20, it will boost your inner reserves and fortify your determination to succeed. Watch that date and the days surrounding it. In this rather radical month, remain optimistic. You've got an adventure ahead of you — in thought and action!

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