• A Time of Change - An Astrologer's View

     You can almost smell it in the air. You can feel it on your skin. And in that deep and darkest part of your soul, you know that change is coming to us all!

    While it would be nice to ignore it - we cannot. For this is a time of growth and spiritual development for each of us.

    From an astrological standpoint, nothing could reflect this coming change more than what we have going on in the Universe at this time. On November 11th, 2018, PLUTO will move into the sign of SAGITTARIUS, where it will stay until well after the turn of the century (2020).

    Two months later, on January 12, 1996, URANUS will also move into its home sign of AQUARIUS. Both of these planets have to do with CHANGE. They bring their changes in their own special ways - but still it is change. And the effect will be to carry us into a potentially turbulent time as we head toward the next century!

    PLUTO is currently preparing to leave its twelve year march through its home sign of SCORPIO. Since Pluto rules Scorpio, Pluto has had a "field day" here. There have been ENORMOUS changes in the world in every single area of our lives. The list is very long - but think: the Berlin Wall came crumbling down; AIDS was identified and became a recognized epidemic; governments have toppled; massive changes in the sexual behavior of all of us; remarkable advances in medicine; violence has increased; and on and on the litany goes.

    This has been a particularly turbulent time for the FIXED signs of TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS. The intensity of Pluto has been amplified in Scorpio, and the changes have been dramatic indeed. Is there one among us that cannot recall a friend who has had MASSIVE problems? Some have been very ill; others have lost homes and jobs and spouses, only to start over again and emerge like the Phoenix from the fires of destruction. Always remember that astrology is SYMBOLIC of what is surrounding us.

    We are always given free will in what we do. But the potential of what we may encounter is reflected in the symbolism of Astrology. The symbology of Pluto in Scorpio has been clear - total and complete transformation on almost every level.

    The lesson of"letting go" has been one that has come hard for many of us. And there are few among us who have not been called upon to learn this lesson. Letting go is never easy - but it must be done in order to make room for the new and good. In short - a vacuum must be created in order for the new and wonderful to fill it.

    Many of us have learned that it is not necessary to have a lot of material wealth in order to be happy. We have come to recognize that the love of our families and other close associates is more valuable than any material wealth could ever be.

    As Pluto moves into SAGITTARIUS, we will be asked to address new issues. Clearly, lessons in "religion" will be high on the agenda. Pluto briefly moved into Sagittarius earlier this year, from January 17th through April 19th. Think about what happened then to give you some clues about the future.

    There already exists in this country the potential for great religious disputes. Clearly, this will accelerate during this transit. Great opportunities for spiritual growth will be with us, but we must be open and ready to accept these opportunities. And it is important to know that what we feel will be felt on a very deep soul level. Other changes we can expect will be in travel, schooling and relations with foreign countries and foreigners in general. Remember, there is already a move on to change the immigration laws in this country. Pluto in Sag reflects this - and it also says there will be a power struggle to effect it. This great snowball effect will be felt globally, and all will be called upon the make decisions about spiritual values and aspirations.

    Look also for major changes in the Judiciary. Our legal system is long overdue for major changes. The last few years have given us legal fiascoes in the court system, beginning in Los Angeles with the various trials surrounding Rodney King and the destructive results. The Menendez Brothers came next and now we have the great drama wrought by OJ'S trial. Clearly the system needs MAJOR overhaul and the Pluto in Sag transit will highlight these things and no doubt bring the long needed reform.

    How will it affect you on a personal level? Your astrological chart has the answer to that question. Of course, it is important to remember that to answer that, one must look at the progressions in your chart first to see what the potentials might be. These are where the major activities of your chart are shown. However, the transit of Pluto will also highlight an area of your life and it will tell you what you most likely will be dealing with in the upcoming years in general terms.

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