• Aries - Your February 2017 Horoscope

    February is a big month for you, Aries, and it may bring a little too much activity even for your taste. (You have to admit you can't stand life when it's too quiet.) The month starts off with a bang; a lunar eclipse on February 5 at the very pinnacle of your chart is sure to bring lots of news in your career. This is a full moon eclipse, so it should crystallize a situation that has been building for some time. Last month's eclipse on June 21 brought your attention to home and family matters; this one turns your attention away from your private life to your public life.

    Expect some sort of shakeup in your professional world; remember, change is often good and represents the next logical step to take, even if it's a bit nerve-wracking at times. If you recently moved to a new city, or just graduated from college, for examples, a big job or assignment may show up out-of-the-blue. If you have a job that you've held for some time, you may hear that your boss is leaving and a new one will be soon taking her place. (I say her specifically, because lunar translates into woman; a solar eclipse would indicate male.) Lunar eclipses are a bit more dramatic than solar eclipses because they represent full moons. Your company may be going through reorganization, or you may get a call from a headhunter.

    Eclipses bring truth to the surface, so certain mysteries may be explained to you now, and you may have an "Ahhh" experience. Some Aries will experience a few difficulties due to no fault of their own, and in that case, I am so sorry. I guess that's life, but not my favorite part of it. Other Aries, who could have been showing a little more enthusiasm for their job may be forced to do so now. Another way this could work out is that there may be an incident that prompts you to ask yourself if your occupation is right for you. If it's not, it's time to do some research. See if there is a way you can maneuver yourself into a more interesting field, and land a position that would allow you to show off your talents more effectively.

    If you've been going great guns professionally, you'll know it now too, for you will get a sweet promotion or pat on the back. In the same vein, you may decide you have the right job but the wrong boss and may seek to make a change. If the Cosmos think you need a little nudge to get back on track (no matter what your situation), they will give you the feedback you need to excel and to create job security.

    As you see, you really can't fail, no matter what happens at this eclipse. You will be given a chance to advance your standing in the world, either by reward and promotion or by getting out of a no-win job and into a better one.

    Those of you born on or within five days of April 3 may be thrown a bit off-kilter by this eclipse because it sets up a little mathematical challenge to the degrees of your Sun. Before you freak out, please know that there are so many positive sides to these eclipses — try to keep an open mind. The eclipses always push us further and faster than any other cosmic event. Their affect is a little like a friendly dog, barking, pulling at your clothes to bring you to a new place you wouldn't have discovered on your own. At eclipse time, one door closes and another door opens.

    Who better than Aries to understand the value of challenge? The universe sends down a dare, and stands ready to see your response. We are defined not by what happens to us but by our response to those events. Some people crumble under challenges, but not you, dear Aries! You show the world that you're not going to take any old thing sitting down! Give the same challenge to ten different people, you will get ten completely different responses — that's the beauty and creativity of life! Now you will get to show the stuff you are made of. Your sign teaches all the other signs that mental, physical, and emotional strength can only be developed best through pitting yourself against the will and force of others. This could well be your moment to shine.

    Aries - Your February 2017 Horoscope

    Some of you already saw professional changes occur last month near June 5 because the influences of an eclipse can become active a month in advance to the date, plus or minus one week. However, most Aries will notice job changes within one week of February 5. I don't think you should plan a vacation during this time. Please note that eclipses have a wider tolerance of influence than normal full moons, which are only three or four days. A smaller percentage of Aries won't hear career news until August 5, plus or minus one week.

    All these latest eclipses are tied to the ones that occurred earlier in the same series of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses last year. Think back to the big one that occurred on December 25 — there is something you did or decided near that date this year that will help you advance further now. The other eclipses in this current series also include January 9 of this year (affected property and home), and February 1 and 16, 2000, at which time discussions about your personal and public life first arose.

    Nineteen years ago, there was a similar series of eclipses. The June 21, 2017 eclipse raises some of the same issues as the one you may remember back on June 21, 1982. If you are old enough, ask yourself: What came up around that time that taught you something valuable? Even though the events and issues you face now may on the surface look very different, the underlying issue of the new eclipse may be surprisingly similar. Now the question and issues are delivered by the Cosmos on a more sophisticated level.

    This month's eclipse (on February 5) is echoing a theme that was started nineteen years ago on February 6, 1982. Also, there was an eclipse on February 11, 1991 that could be thought of as part of the same cycle. Try to figure out the issues that you were dealing with in mid-1991 as well. That 1991 eclipse was particularly difficult, even violent, and could have represented a tough time for you. Uranus was the culprit, but today, Uranus has moved into a much friendlier position. I doubt you will have as much difficulty with this eclipse as you might have ten years ago; the 2017 eclipses are milder and easier.

    The eclipse this month makes no difficult aspects to any major planets, which is a relief. Still, there are marked similarities in some of the broad concerns you may have now with those you had then. It would definitely be worth your while to sit down and think about what you experienced in those years. If you had a tough time back then and made it through, ask yourself how you did it and apply similar principles. If you didn't fare too well, see if there was something you could have done differently. If there is something you learned in the process, apply that lesson to what you are facing now.

    You may be thinking of starting your own business — eclipses often start such thoughts ticking. If so, this could be your moment. Tired of being at the mercy of those above you who have exhibited midget minds? You may decide to set out on your own and prove to the world you can contribute something of true value, and in so doing give yourself the stability you crave. As an Aries, your number one talent is directing the amazing drive or life force within you to create new forms. These eclipses may well help you lift things off in a very determined, aggressive (good) way.

    It is interesting to note that the eclipses are taking place in Cancer and Capricorn — two signs that emphasize shoring up one's security and the beginning of new life endeavors. Both signs are cardinal signs, indicating a time to present grand blueprints. You might say you are a little like Jason and the Argonauts, setting off on a courageous adventure. On your chart, your ideas seem quite enterprising and energetic; if your ideas aren't, you actions will be!

    Capricorn, the sign of the eclipse this month, symbolizes the need to find security. It also rules big money negotiations, leadership skills, and ambitious goals. You are beginning to think big, dear Aries! This sign will also work to focus your attention on your responsibility to others — be they members of your family, or if you are a manager, the care of those in your employ. Cancer, the sign of the other eclipse that is still packing plenty of good planetary punch this month, symbolizes the nurturing instinct, so you might be tempted to take steps to care for someone dear (an elderly relative, for example) — or suddenly feel you could use a little more nurturing yourself.

    Mars is heading to this same job-oriented portion of your chart (the 10th sector) and will arrive in September; it may take most of 2017 to finalize your current professional goals. Give yourself a deadline of no later than early November (just before the holidays) to make your decision concerning career moves. Until then, you will have enormous cosmic energy on your side.

    Let's turn to the new moon. This new moon will echo last month's eclipse because it occurs in a late degree of the same sign as it did last month (Cancer). In June, no doubt you were concerned with real estate, leasing, buying or remodeling property, or with family matters. Now those matters get another big push forward at the new moon on February 20. Those of you born on April 18 will get the biggest cosmic nudge because the new moon is activating your Sun.

    The realm of home, property, and family (your 4th sector) is being bathed in golden light. This magical month, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, trundles into your home and family sector on February 12 and sets up shop for a full year's stay. You could not ask for better aspects to buy, sell, lease, beautify, or otherwise improve property or home. You will find gorgeous housing — it should be spacious, in a fine location, and even offer a view! You may be positioned near water, as Cancer is associated with the sea and other bodies of water. Don't settle for little, dark, expensive apartments, dear Aries! When the Cosmos are right for you, iron gates will fling open!

    If you can work out of your home, even part time, do so. Setting up a home office would be a great idea. Home is where all your luck (and profit) is being funneled. Also, consider giving a party sometime soon this summer — at home. It is sure to be a roaring success.

    Mars turns direct on the same day as the new moon, February 20. This will be your moment of liberation, one of your best points of the month. You will feel more in control than you have in weeks. Aries always feels the lethargy of a retrograde Mars, so if you have been frustrated with projects and plans not moving ahead as quickly as you want them to, this Mars turn-about could be little like a hot cup of coffee in the morning! Watch the days that cluster around February 20 — they are sure to be action-packed!

    Romantically, you may be a little sad that Venus is no longer in Aries. From February through early June it was easy to draw people to you. Now you will have to make a little more effort. No matter. Happily, Venus enters Gemini on February 5, to stay a month, and that means your best romantic moments will occur on small trips and quick jaunts. Your 3rd sector is lit up, so be sure to save some time to investigate the world in towns and cities nearby. You seem to do best when you are within a 100-mile radius of your home, so perhaps you should rent a little cottage or go see friends who have one, so you can chill out a little?

    Your best romantic dates will be February 1-3, February 7-8 (a weekend), February 12 (when Venus and Neptune do a lovely waltz), February 21 and 22 (plans are elegant and perhaps a bit expensive), and February 26, a date that should please all Aries, when love is flirtatious and at its surprising best!


    Due to a full moon eclipse arriving on February 5, you may soon experience a career challenge. Maybe a boss leaves or makes a sudden announcement that changes the whole department, from stem to stern. Neither you nor anyone else will have seen this coming. Despite the commotion and pandemonium, accept the news philosophically; the universe is testing and sharpening your resourcefulness. If looking for an innovative solution, cast a wide net as you seek advice and help from others. The eclipse's work may prove to be a blessing in disguise later on.

    Home/property/family-related decisions also are being presented and may require attention — last month's eclipse on June 21 set things into motion. Thankfully, this area of your life gets another sweet push forward on the full moon, February 20. With Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moving into this same family, housing-and-property-related zone on February 12 (to stay a year), options you find on that score should please you enormously. Jupiter moving to any sector makes for big astrological news because its visits are so rare.
    With so many changes going on in your life, remember to be your own best friend and treat yourself to a little quiet time now and then. You may want to take a long walk one morning to work, or disappear by yourself to do a whole afternoon of leisurely errands or browsing. If you should feel overwhelmed, step back and see if you can build a plan of small steps that will add up to the big changes you're working toward.

    When your ruling planet, Mars, wakes up with a jolt on February 20, it will boost your inner reserves and fortify your determination to succeed. Watch that date and the days surrounding it. In this rather radical month, remain optimistic. You've got an adventure ahead of you — in thought and action!

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