• Cancer - Your february Horoscope

    A surprisingly good month awaits, dear Cancer, despite your modest expectations. The most prominent pattern in your stars shows a need for rest and solitude, and with five planets moving toward your 12th sector, that is exactly what you'll get. You're aching to initiate new projects, but this month your timing is off. Let it be. Delays that will frustrate you in the early part of February will, quite surprisingly, work in your favor. It's too soon to put your grand schemes in motion, and even if you could get the support you need from others, there is evidence that you would still have to wait for the paperwork to catch up. Rushing things will change nothing this month.

    Why isn't it the right time to act on big decisions? A pileup of planets in your 12th sector is one reason. There is another: Mercury is retrograde February 4-28. This Mercury cycle is notorious for creating roadblocks and detours. Don't let these new and temporary planetary positions frustrate you — they will give you extra room to think about your next move. (As an aside, I don't recommend signing any documents before February 4. Sign on or after February 28, when your view will be clearer and more reliable.) With no compulsion to make big decisions, you will have the time to look inside and ask yourself, "What is it that I really want?"

    When Jupiter enters Cancer on July 12, your whole outlook will change, and you will begin to understand that it was necessary to give up some parts of your life in order for the universe to fill the newly available spaces (in situations, relationships) with something more satisfying. There is no doubt that you are due for enormous growth and happiness; you are ending one cycle and about to begin a very exciting new one. Before you can receive those cosmic goodies, however, you need to pull over to the side of the road, re-check your assumptions, and reset your compass. Those planets in the 12th sector, plus a sleepy Mercury retrograde, will help you do just that.

    Work has been a central focus since February, but it's been more about busy-work than added responsibility or prestige — that reality is starting to get on your nerves. Ahh, so much work, so little praise! That trend continues until September, but this month there will be a few reasons to believe that what you are doing will add up to something bigger. The first indication that all your hard work is being noticed comes at the full moon on February 5 (plus or minus three days). Once again, you seem to have a big deadline to meet, but this time something is different. Higher-ups seem quite focused on this project, and impressed by your participation in it. The moon swipes close to Saturn, suggesting this deadline will take more out of you than most you've met in the past, and you are really sweating things out. Watch your health; you could be very run down at this time. At the first sign of lowered resistance, stop and shore up. So far, this doesn't sound too good, but wait — there is a reason I think this full moon will work for you. There's some good news, too.

    Cancer - Your february Horoscope

    At the same time that this full moon occurs, Mars (energy) and Uranus (surprises) collaborate on your behalf, and because Mars is the ruler of your sector of awards and fame, you will finally begin to garner the kind of attention you deserve! Someone will be impressed by your efforts, dear Cancer, and when that becomes clear, no one will be more surprised than you! All year you've worked hard, and you had begun to think nobody cared or noticed. Well, well, you sure have been wrong about that! The applause you will receive for work well done at this full moon will translate into some upbeat financial news too, either now or later, perhaps in the form of a bonus or other single payment rather than a raise in your paycheck.

    One of the most outstanding days of the month to schedule your key meetings or any confidential endeavors or inquiries would be February 13-14. On those days, authority figures will understand what you are talking about (as well as your value to the company) and be motivated to find ways to compensate you properly. If there is any idea you have that you want to grow from a small seedling into giant palm tree, those two days are the days to do it. Check out also what happens on February 17, 18, and 19 — all spectacular days that have the cosmic power to help you profit from work well done. I wish I could transmit just how special these days are! Mercury will be in a gorgeous angle to both Uranus and Jupiter, and on February 19, Jupiter (luck) will hit a perfect angle to Uranus (out of the blue events). All three days are excellent!

    No matter how amazing these days are, the month is just getting started...these events are building toward an even bigger moment, to come near the new moon eclipse in Cancer on February 21. Lots of interesting opportunities will begin flowing your way, although sometimes you have to cut loose from one or two present situations, which might be hard to do. Keep an open mind, and consider that new options will be better than the old ones. After this eclipse occurs, you may come to a realization that your old life isn't quite working the way you want it to, and that a few changes will be necessary in order to reach your full potential, and to live the life that goes with it.

    You are a cardinal sign, which means you like to take a proactive stance. However, because you are ruled by the moon, you tend to channel most of your energy into your emotional life. The moon's influence makes it harder for you to deal with endings. You tend to get sentimental whenever you even consider moving on; this keeps you stuck in one place. So even enforced changes this month could be beneficial. Why continue with more of the same, even if your old problems are as comfortable as an old bathrobe? The eclipse will help you to open up to new possibilities and options that you may never have considered before.
    One relationship continues to be an area of concern and in need of some improvement. Saturn rules your relationship sector, but has moved into the silent 12th sector, where gestures — not words — become the main method of communication. That could be good if you both tend to exchange information on a psychic level, but most people need more concrete ways of exchanging thoughts — they need words! Since this is a new and long thirty-month trend, one or both of you might simply withdraw from the relationship without fully discussing the problems. (Cancer doesn't like confrontation, so it could be you.) When things don't get hashed out, the alliance follows a downward spiral that only gets more complex and increasingly difficult to fix, until a point of no return is reached. How you will process this eclipse depends in great measure on the present state of your relationship. You may say it is good and strong, but even so, with two eclipses on the way (one due July 5), weak spots could appear. That's not a problem--those weak spots can be strengthened.

    If you were born within five days of February 21, you will feel this eclipse more strongly than those Cancers born on other dates. This eclipse is special because it falls on zero degrees Cancer — a very special and energetic point, which suggests that there will be lots of interesting changes that flow from it. This is not an eclipse that happens to other people; this one will be noticeable for you, dear Cancer, especially if you were born close to February 21.

    The message from this eclipse will be about setting a new course and leaving behind all that is outdated and in desperate need of revamping. This is not to say that some things aren't worthy of fixing — some surely are! I am saying things can't quite go on "as is" without some sort of change at this time, whether within a relationship, work, home residence, or other part of your life. A normal new moon will only affect you for about two weeks but a new moon ECLIPSE (like this one) can set changes in motion, with reverberations that reach farther and are more substantial. Don't fear change, dear little Crab, embrace it.


    An eclipse in Cancer on February 21, at the summer solstice, will spur some changes that may require your immediate attention. Personal and business relationships seem to be the main area of concern, and at some point you could feel both shaken and stirred. Yet throughout these cosmic dust storms what emerges is a greater realization of who you are and what you want. No matter what the cost, this self knowledge bodes well for a brighter future. Some Cancers will glide through this period easily — they get engaged, married, or have a baby, and will wonder what the fuss is all about. If that is you, wonderful! Most other Cancers, however, will find that even good changes need a bit of adjustment and reorientation. Once that's done, they're back in the fast lane. Depending on the changes going on in your life, that may take weeks or months, and not all of it depends on how massive a change you are instituting.

    This month there is also a strong emphasis on secret talks. Keep whatever is discussed under wraps until the end of July. As it's been said, Loose lips sink ships. By next month, lucky Jupiter will be in the right position to help see your dearest endeavor succeed; one door closes, but an even better one opens. This eclipse will color your whole year, and bring benefits you can't yet imagine. Hold on to your hat — this is going to be an exciting ride!

    On the work front, it seems that all year you've worked with exceptional dedication and devotion, and your loyalty has impressed higher-ups. Your chart suggests that you have been doing enough for two, so by now you must be wondering if there is any end to the work that keeps coming your way. It will slow down, but not until early September. In the meantime, this month brings you to a vital juncture at the full moon, February 5, a point at which you could easily see one key project lead to a climatic finish. You'll still have plenty do to through early September, but this should be a point from which to stand back and admire all you've done.

    Strengthen your health near this full moon; you will probably be feeling a bit worn on the edges. If you think you might do well to seek medical advice, you are assured proper attention, so don't delay. Your time is almost upon you! By mid-July, Jupiter, the planet of great gifts and luck will move into Cancer, heralding the start of the best twelve months you have seen since July 2015 -August 2016. With so many planets crowding in your privacy sector, choose an attainable goal and then design your strategy for reaching it. Keep hush about plans for the time being. Meeting with experienced people in private yields the right advice, and will help you to set your compass so you can move forward.

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