• Chinese Astrology 2018 - new chinese lunar year

    The Chinese horoscope consists of twelve animals with the following order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. This new Chinese year of 2017 begins on January 28, and will be the year of the rooster. The Chinese believe that a person's horoscope influences their lives by shaping their character.

    Chinese Astrology 2018 - new chinese lunar year

    Among the Chinese people there is the custom of granting a zodiacal sign of animal to the newborn, according to the date of the birth. The Chinese-language zodiac (huangdao dai or 黄 道 带) is also called "birth" and "assimilation." It is, therefore, a traditional way of enumerating the years and calculating the age.


    In ancient China, the use of the titles of the emperors and the Ganzhi celestial system was used to enumerate the years, in the year 2937 BC. the first Chinese lunar calendar was elaborated, according to which each sign consists of 60 years - time of the reign of the Yellow Emperor -, distributed in five cycles of twelve years each. It was from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), when the Chinese began to use the twelve signs of animals in order - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Serpent, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pork-and, like the signs of the Western Zodiac which are also twelve -Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces-, somehow mark the personality of each one of us.


    These signs, inspired by the phases of the lunar calendar, exist in Chinese tradition from the sixth century BC, although it was not until the third century BC. when they were incorporated into the formal study of astrology and astronomy.


    According to a legend, Buddha sent before all the animals of the Earth before him, nevertheless, only twelve appeared before him. The first to do so was the rat, since as he was perched on the back of an ox, just seeing Buddha, he jumped and ran towards him. TheChineseZodiac.org explains in details all you need to know about the year of the dog 2018 .


    The rat represents, then, the first year and the others have the characteristics of the rest of animals that came after her. Of course, the ox was the second, the pig being the last.


    Another Chinese legend says that it was the King of Jade who organized a race to determine which animals were the fastest. The first twelve who managed to cross a designated river were the chosen ones to represent the twelve terrestrial branches in which the cyclical order of the lunar calendar is divided.


    The sign of each person depends on the year - and therefore the animal - on which he was born and always taking into account that it begins in late January or early February. The characteristics of that animal will determine the personality, luck, misfortune or even the ideal love of any of us.


    In China, one of the most frequently asked questions when you meet someone is: "What animal are you?", To know the age of the person to whom we are going, because even children know by heart the succession of the twelve animals and are able to calculate the age of any person immediately.


    According to the ancient Chinese philosophers, the five fundamental elements of the universe that combine with the twelve animals and influence their personality are: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Each element reigns two years, one under the sign of Yang and another under the sign of Yin, thus establishing a perfect balance.



    The Chinese believe that a person's horoscope influences their lives by shaping their character. Below is a brief explanation of each of the animals in the Chinese horoscope.


    Those born under the sign of the Rat are wise people who like to surround themselves with family and friends, who help in their daily chores and problems. Good workers, savers and good managers of their economy.


    Buffaloes or oxen are quiet, patient animals that radiate a lot of love and love and infuse respect. Great workers, feel comfortable surrounded by order and cleanliness and achieve success thanks to their effort. For them the most important thing is the family, although they are jealous with their partner. They love art and music. They do not like to argue, but they do obey. Signs compatible: snake, rooster, ox. Incompatible signs: sheep, horse, dragon and dog.


    The people of this sign are very passionate and full of energy. They do not go unnoticed, they are adventurous, independent, witty, impulsive and they like fun. They are friends for life, but they like to be the leader of the group. In the world of couple relationships they are shown the strongest, sexiest and alluring, yet overbearing.


    Those born in the Year of the Rabbit bring together extraordinary human qualities: they are prudent, intelligent, affable, discreet, watchful, attentive and benevolent. That is why the rabbit's sign is widely accepted by people.

    Of moderate and indulgent character, lover of the peace and the concordia, the rabbit hates the war and the violence. He likes quiet life, tenderness and harmony. He strives to get along with others and almost always achieves it for his human virtues. His great clairvoyance and his resourcefulness in delicate situations make him an excellent diplomat and mediator.


    Symbol of the Emperor in China, the dragon is imaginative, magnanimous, enterprising, fortunate and powerful. It is full of strength and vitality. It is a true accumulator of energy and if you get angry, you will be so angry that you will lose your temper. It will be difficult to calm him, for he believes neither to anyone nor to anyone. They often give good advice and are fortunate in both money and love. They are very sentimental and fall madly in love. Compatible with tiger, rooster, horse, sheep and rabbit.


    Snake people are clever, they know what they want and how to get it. Their conversation is elegant and fluid. They are intense and prudent at the same time. They are jealous and possessive with their family but loyal. They like to pamper their friends and expect from them a reciprocal attitude. If they feel disdained or fail in their attempts, they may be angry for hours, although they are good at keeping calm and seem calm in difficult situations.


    Popular, optimistic, full of joy, adventurous, eloquent, impatient, enterprising, enthusiastic about life, great lovers and friends. His great passion is money and travel. They like to meet new people, different cultures, speak languages ​​and are the soul of the holidays. Their physical attractiveness and their beauty makes it easy for them to find love: a trap in which they fall without remedy.


    The goat is creative, artistic, positive, elegant, feminine, affable, compassionate, crying, sensitive, dreamy, proud and sad. They do not pursue material wealth and prefer to live on their dreams. They love family, children, home and be in touch with nature. They are very hardworking, although they do not like the pressure of a deadline or a boss.


    Animal more like the human being, is witty, funny, sympathetic, fast-minded and awake, buyer, persuasive, sociable, able to solve any problem however difficult it is with ease. His love relationships and his friends are often conflictive, because he can not bear not to value him. They are in good health, although their excesses at parties, alcohol and drugs could take their toll.


    Attractive and seductive, talented and appreciated. They are meticulous, efficient, orderly, good conversationalists, observant, selfish, usurers, pragmatists, and very familiar. In love they are romantic, obstinacy

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