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    The first week of September witnesses a conjunction between the planets of Venus and Jupiter in the sign of Libra. The two benefics, as the planets are called in traditional astrology, fuse together and join in temporary matrimony in the peace-loving and artful sign of Libra. Certainly not an influence for hard work and labor, rather the planetary pairing is perfect for celebrations and socializing of all kinds: parties, weddings, outings, and reunions. Jupiter and Venus in a conjunction create an ease, flow, and grace between people, so much so that even wallflowers can temporarily blossom and become the life of the party. Even the problematic expression of a Jupiter-Venus pairing overindulgence and excess may be qualities to be enjoyed as a Jupiter-Venus conjunction happens, on average, only once a year.

    Jupiter also forms a potent sextile (or sixty degree aspect) to Pluto for the entire month of September. Although not as noticeable and powerful in expression as a conjunction or opposition, the sextile aspect has a creative, energizing quality to it. In this formation, Jupiter and Pluto excite and stimulate each others' possibilities. From the depths, Pluto can give extreme and intense expression to Jupiter's proclivities for social and religious heights. Conversely, Jupiter can expand and amplify the primal passion and power of Pluto. Not known for subtlety and understatement, Jupiter and Pluto in combination prefers massive and large-scale displays of social power that make an indelible impact on people. Awesome and epic, Jupiter-Pluto experiences have the power to truly move people. In the other extreme, Jupiter-Pluto manifestations can be swollen by excess and lack sensitivity for the impact it has on individuals.

    In the second week of September, Mercury opposes Uranus. In this pairing of "lower mind" and "higher mind," typically announcements or news is released that has a shocking, alarming, or unexpected quality to it. Ranging from the exciting to the plain bizarre, Uranus-Mercury news items can range from the heralding of something avant garde and truly cutting edge to announcements that stimulate the funny bone. As the Uranus-Mercury pairing is the uniting of the cosmic tricksters, typically the week or so alignments of the two planets correlate with events that disrupt and disturb status quo functioning; Uranus-Mercury alignments can manifest as a monkey wrench in a well-oiled but ever-so-monotonous social arrangement. Like an unexpected handclap, Uranus-Mercury experiences can serve to wake us up out of our habitual patterns and sleepwalking states.

    As Mercury journeys onward in Virgo, it forms a contentious and difficult square aspect with the planet Pluto by mid-month. As the Sun is also involved in this formation, the middle part of September may be the most challenging, particularly where matters of communication and expression are involved. Although there are a variety of manifestations with this pairing, Pluto and Mercury can create case scenarios of verbal mudslinging and heated, contentious debate. As lord of the underworld and the unconscious, Pluto expresses itself through Mercury, the planet associated with thinking, communication, and language. Thus, when these planets are conjoined by aspect there is a tendency for the thoughts and ideas that we typically repress to find them selves out in the open. In the heat of the moment under a Pluto-Mercury pairing, we may find ourselves thinking, "My god, did I just say that?" Ranging to the off-color to the downright murderous, Pluto-Mercury expressions of mind usually grab attention for their intensity and brutal honesty. On the more positive end of the spectrum, Pluto-Mercury alignments ask us to dig deeper, to probe beneath the surface to find the roots of any situation. Thus, while there are problematic expressions of the Pluto-Mercury combination, with consciousness, the combination can lead to deep penetration and intensity of thought.

    Reaching within seven degrees of an exact opposition, Saturn and Neptune form arguably the most important alignment of the next two years. Part of a thirty three year cycle, the last time Saturn and Neptune formed an opposition to each other was in the early 1970's. Typically signifying a time of collective disillusionment and collective mourning, Saturn-Neptune alignments challenge us to discriminate between what is real and what is fantasy in our worlds. With Saturn-Neptune aspects, we learn that even our most stable and secure foundations are not permanent. For more on the potentials of the Saturn-Neptune opposition read the essay, "The Desert of the Real" available on this website.

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