• Virgo - your February horoscope

    During a month in which much is required on many fronts, you may not be sure whom to please first. For now, keeping to a regular routine would be best — doing so will provide you with a predictable structure that you will find comforting and productive. Recent eclipses brought many surprising changes, so no one would blame you if you chose a peaceful pace in lieu of a more stimulating one for now. Despite your workload, if you are organized (and what Virgo isn't?), you will still be able to duck out of town at month's end for a refreshing getaway.

    Virgo - your February horoscope

    There seems little doubt that your work life will need attention first, especially near the full moon weekend of August 4-5, due to a deadline that weighs heavily on you. See if there isn't new software or other new technology that can help you do more in less time. Some day, when people call you an overnight success, you will smile to yourself and recall these days. Everyone will wish he or she was you, but perhaps they won't ever be able to imagine the amount of hard work it took to get there.

    Despite the career pressure, you will manage to turn out an exceptionally fine performance because so many planets are cheering you on. If you try hard, your chart suggests that you can earn hearty praise from your supervisor or, if self-employed, a client. The positive feedback could motivate you to work even harder and to scale even greater heights, with more professional reward due to arrive in March 2002.

    Ever since Saturn recently entered your 10th sector of fame, the Cosmos put you line for an exciting new career phase. You will soon be groomed for a bigger role, one that requires an apprenticeship under the watchful tutelage of someone older and more experienced. Perhaps you have evidence that this has already started to happen. At first, you probably won't like having this hard-to-please honcho looking over your shoulder, but take this situation in good cheer. This demanding, cantankerous person has much to teach you, and you will absorb much in a relatively short period of time. A key project seems to be coming up in the year's second half, so before it hits, if you know what it is, spend a little time now strategizing on how best to approach it.

    Due to an extremely long tour of Mars through your 4th sector (residence sector) and Saturn's presence in your opposite 10th sector (professional sector), your attention has necessarily had to ping-pong between home/family and work, and back again, in a kind of endless infinity loop. This has been especially noticeable all year, but particularly so in the past three months. Some Virgos have been in the process of moving or renovating, while other Virgos have had to cope with complex roommate or family squabbles.

    As you enter August, you must be feeling as if you are divided in two. You may be wondering how long you can keep up this pace, considering the strain you have coped with lately. The good news is that relief is on the way in September when love and laughter replace work and family as the dominant themes. While you will still have heavy-duty career pressure, the emphasis on home will lessen. In August, try to tie up lose ends on home-related plans and issues, because by next month you seem less willing or able to complete what you've started. In September you will be able to re-structure all your priorities for the first time in 2017, and you may be able to steal a little time for yourself, which would be terrific news (and well-deserved, I might say).

    For now, previous commitments made to your boss/children/spouse or significant other still stand and have to be dealt with — there seems no way around that. What makes this month so tricky is that needs of home and career don't dovetail. Everyone, it seems, wants one hundred percent of you! Manage your energy as best you can, dear Virgo. With Pluto switching from retrograde (sleepy) motion to direct (speedy) orbit on August 23 you should be able to find good answers home- and family-related questions. The possibilities that will surface were not options before, and could become your key to dealing with all the emphasis on your home, family, and people who help you with (or share) your space.

    One last word on your career: On August 15 be sure you understand the assignment of a boss or client so that you can do your job properly. With the Sun opposed to Uranus, you could find out later that you've done it all wrong. There is no harm in asking questions. This looks like a day with potential for confusion and plenty of frustration. Computers may act up too (Uranus is in the sign of Aquarius, which rules computers), so back up your computer before you lose important data.

    Financially, things look bright in August's first week, thanks to Jupiter and Venus positioned in close proximity. This will be especially true if you are self-employed, for it marks a time when the work you've put in begins to pay off in a big way. Early August is not the time to invest in real estate, however, and I say this because Saturn opposes Pluto. If you do have to buy property, wait until you get closer to the end of the month. For example, I like August 23 when Pluto goes direct — an ideal point.

    If you have put off paying taxes until mid-August, Saturn's opposition to Pluto suggests that you need to be careful in your calculations. Consult an accountant to be sure you've come up with the right figures. ! ;This is not the time to hedge numbers in connection with your taxes — not with this configuration at play. Saturn makes us all play by the rules or suffer the consequences, so no fudging allowed!

    Romantically speaking, there could be news. A social event you'll be invited to over August 4-5 is should be exceptionally beautiful and luxurious. It comes at the perfect time, doesn't it, dear Virgo — just when you will be finishing up a big project early in the month and desperately need something special to do to unwind. Just be sure you don't run yourself down at the office in the week leading up to this date. Your chart shows that your health could be at low ebb then. Shore up your resistance — you won't want to miss these sparkling romantic vibrations! This will be a four-star weekend for love and social fun!

    If, on the weekend of August 4-5, you don't get invited to a party, wedding, or other festive event (perfect for those), consider buying tickets to a top running show or concert. Alternatively, perhaps you could throw a cocktail party, barbecue, or dinner party for no particular reason other than to celebrate August. This weekend could easily turn out to be the best of the year!

    Some of you will choose to use this beautiful energy from Venus' embrace of Jupiter a little differently — with a trip. It would be a perfect time to get away, especially if you have someone special to take along. (If not, you may meet someone, so stay happy.) That first weekend of the month is time to open the window and let some fresh air into your life, dear Virgo. Take a deep breath!

    The eclipses that occurred last month will continue to trigger changes in your love relationships, and in matters related to children, pregnancy, and birth. Some Virgos found that they were expecting a child, and perhaps it was a surprise. That could have triggered some discussion of what to do next. These eclipses are positive, although you may not be convinced of that yet. If you felt nothing around July 5, watch August 5, for some eclipses hit one month to the day later, plus or minus three days. You may want to read last month's forecast (for July) if you haven't had a chance to see it — the link can be found at the bottom of this forecast.

    Single Virgos seem to be in a new frame of mind. How? They are far less willing to spend time with partners who aren't serious or won't commit, even after a long time. September is going to be a positive month for setting things right in your relationship, for Mars will trigger the sensitive mathematical points of the eclipses, bringing more news and the announcement of some key decisions.

    If you can't find anyone to date, when Venus enters your sign during the second half of September you'll be more favored for attracting the right person. Dating next month will seem easier and lighter. Authenticity of emotions is what you want,and because this quality has become so important to you, you are likely to get exactly what you seek. For now, try to give yourself some time off to think, relax, and play. You seem too tense and wound up to be in the right frame of mind to meet anyone new just yet.

    With the new moon in your privacy sector on August 18, it would be perfect for treating yourself to a little quiet time off. If you can take a vacation beginning on August 18, do so. If you can't travel, steal an hour in an antiques shop or browsing in a boutique. Putter through a bookstore, go to the gym, or have a quiet meal by yourself or with an old friend.

    This month would also be a vital time for attending to medical and health concerns and for getting more fit. Have your eyes checked to be sure you have the right eyeglass prescription, your teeth cleaned, and check iron and cholesterol counts. If you've always wanted lessons on a certain sport, after August 18 would be the ideal to sign up.

    Also mid-month on August 18, Mercury, your ruling planet, will send a wink to Jupiter, a perfect moment to do creative writing, to exchange ideas, have key meetings, or to even do a little shopping at the flea market (a bargain could show up). By then Mercury will be in Virgo (as of August 14) and so the second part of the month is vastly more favored than the start of the month would be for making key decisions. Your ability to make good decisions will be at the weakest point on August 2 when Mercury opposes Neptune, not a good day for making commitments or signing papers.


    For most of the month, you are content to take a slightly lower profile at work, spending most of your time planning, strategizing, and anticipating your competitor's next moves. Enjoy the sweet calm you'll get, because once the Sun moves into Virgo in August's third week, you will feel the pace pick up dramatically, and you will be on the go. Saturn's opposition to Pluto is making your conflicting obligations to home and work seem harder to manage than most, and is obvious in the early part of the month.

    Love and friendship has been a strong focus in february and July due to the eclipses. If they triggered any cosmic storms, you may be picking up the pieces and still reflecting on your next move. A livelier social and romantic period is due for all Virgos in September, so sit tight if you were not happy with how romance has panned out for you so far. (Not all Virgos had problems in matters of the heart; in fact, for some, the past months couldn't have been better. Hopefully, that was you.) No matter what you faced, with Mars moving over all the sensitive points of the eclipses in September, you will see more massive change then. For now, deal with work deadlines in the early part of the month, and then try to kick back.

    This month would be perfect for getting medical, dental, and fitness advice, and for acting on what you learn, especially at the full moon on August 4. You may feel a bit low in energy by that full moon period, as you seem to have an unusually heavy load of work to finish up in the first week. Figure out ways to use new software to get the job done in less time and with less effort. As a Virgo, you enjoy finding ways to be more productive — here's your chance.

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