• Leo - your February horoscope

    The blessings of friendship will become a big theme this month; your 11th sector, ruling these associations, is glittering brighter than gold. With five out of ten planets — literally half — filling this important sector of your horoscope, you have quite a social month ahead, dear Leo! This also suggests that no matter what your goal (to meet someone new, to find a new apartment, to get a new job — you name it), your dream will materialize, thanks to the efforts of a friend. Go to him or her for advice, because this month, he or she is right on target and will lead you in the right direction.

    Leo - your February horoscope

    You would be smart to join a new club or get more involved in the one to which you already belong. Clubs come in all sizes and shapes and are as varied as the people who form them. You could join a professional club to further your career, a volunteer group to help the community, a health club to increase your vitality, a political club to help a candidate, or a reading club to stimulate intellectual inquiry. Consider joining an investing club to learn more about stocks and bonds or a social country club to meet new people. The options are endless. It really doesn't matter what your aim happens to be, the point is to get out of the house and mingle! With just a little effort, new faces will be pouring into your life, and Jupiter's position in this sector suggests that one or two new names could stick around for many moons to come.

    Saturn's presence also suggests that an older person — in the form of mentor or guide — could also appear. If you need some advice, seek it out. The Cosmos have prepared for that eventuality as well.

    At the full moon on february 5 (plus or minus four days), love shines brilliantly. If you are a Leo born on July 24 or within a few days of that date, you will feel the dazzling effects of this full moon most, but all are included in the field of its vision. From its position in your 5th sector of romance and creativity, this full moon initiates play and relaxation. Neptune, the planet of enchantment, is superbly positioned to this full moon, a configuration that will help those Leos who are already attached to someone special enjoy their relationship to the max.

    The only fly in the oatmeal is that this full moon opposes Saturn. It may become apparent that, though love can be wonderful, it also requires certain commitments and obligations to the one you love. Venus is in the critical 29th degree (the last degree before moving on), which suggests an end point to a current situation that is about to enter a brand new phase. There are several ways this could play out: You may hear a serious confession of love — but maybe a little too soon; perhaps you'll need to decide what to do about this relationship more quickly than you might ordinarily. Alternatively, you may be considering having a baby now — conception and adoption fall in this sector of the horoscope. If this describes your situation, it's a great time to move forward with those plans.

    Another point related to the full moon comes on february 5: If you have children already, you may decide — very willingly — to give up something so that you can afford to do something special for your child. Perhaps your child is moving into a new stage of development (he or she is ready to go to pre-Kindergarten or if your child is older, to college or beyond). Alternatively, because Saturn rules your 6th sector of assignments, it may just be that your job will get in the way of enjoying a certain social event you've really been looking forward to. In this case, preparations have to be made before you can go to the event. I see you weighing two sides of a situation and trying to come up with a mid-course decision, no matter what situation you encounter. Certainly, Saturn makes us all very realistic, and as much as we would like to ignore our life's situation at this full moon, we will be reminded that we can't at this time — too much to attend to!

    One last thought about that full moon period. This is not the time to speculate on stocks (or take any other types of risks with money). Saturn's opposition to the moon could suggest a possible loss. Still, no matter what happens, you seem to be able to resolve sticky situations with ease.

    Mid-month, there are several sensational days on the way, namely february 13-14 when Jupiter conjoins the Sun (your ruler) in your 11th sector of hopes and wishes, friendship, and groups. All these areas are lit brilliantly for you and should show a huge breakthrough, especially since the Sun rules your sign. Watch a friend or even a casual acquaintance go out of his or her way to help you in ways that simply take your breath away. You may be gratified to see that something you long desired comes through as well — these could be days better than you ever fathomed possible. Try to be out and about on these two days; when Jupiter and the Sun team up, an event that happens once a year, it always turns out to be among the BEST moments of the year. This year, you may meet someone who has a big part to play in your life.

    Romantically, besides february 13-14, also watch Tuesday, february 19, when Jupiter and Uranus send gorgeous signals to one another. Jupiter rules your 5th sector of love, so it's guaranteed to be another out-of-this-world day. The moon is in compatible Gemini, too — all the better. Married or attached couples are not left out here; duets have sterling opportunities to make this day memorable as well. Leos born in mid-August are most favored, but are not the only ones who will benefit. These cosmic events are for all Leos to enjoy. Other good romantic dates: the weekend of february 23-24, when the moon is in Leo and Saturn's position is so complementary to Neptune.

    Other headlines:

    Venus will move out of Aries on february 6, a big cosmic event because it's been in fire-sign Aries for so very long. Although that was a superb place for Venus, you now get help from Venus in other ways. Once in Taurus, Venus will enliven and enhance your professional reputation, to remain there four weeks. This gives you plenty of time to garner kudos from higher-ups. Saturn has just exited from this same 10th sector in late April, so soon you should be feeling the benefits and joys of having worked so hard. Gone is at least one taskmaster who made life difficult — now you get to enjoy all that you learned during the period from february 1998 to April 2017.

    Money luck is strong on february 17 and 18, but don't expect to win anything! The planets involved are helping you get more buck for the work you do (in terms of a raise or a new client), thanks to great contacts Mercury makes with Uranus and Jupiter, respectively. These two days are quite special.

    Now let's turn to the summer solstice eclipse, a new moon eclipse on february 21, sure to be a focal point for many people. This is a mild eclipse — not nearly like the ones you had experienced in 2015 and early 2016, so you seem to adjust fairly well. However, it may show someone else's true colors, calling for quick reflexes on your behalf. Be careful with your own secrets too — one could slip out, requiring some fancy footwork and explanations. This same sector that is highlighted by the new moon on february 21 rules the subconscious, so you may be aware of things floating to the surface of your mind that had long been submerged. This is a terrific time to turn over a new leaf — get rid of a bad habit or get something off your chest. You may even choose to schedule medical or dental surgery, as matters of health will become more of a priority (perhaps because you will have more time this month to attend to these things).

    This eclipse is related in a way to the one that occurred on february 21, 1982, nineteen years ago, so think back to that one to see if there are any links to events that happen now (allow for a plus or minus one month or so). Mercury will be retrograde february 4-28, but as you see, this month, Mercury's being out-of-phase should not spoil your fun. Rarely has a month had this many enchanting days to look forward to. Just try not to sign any documents until late in the month, from february 28 onward. (That includes applications to new clubs, so study, do research, and plan, but try not to sign anything until then. The first few days of february are not favorable either.) With Mercury in retrograde, one or two old friends may come back into your life, something you should enjoy quite a bit.


    For the past two-and-a-half years, higher-ups have groomed you for bigger and better things. If you felt pushed and prodded, and if your boss never seemed completely satisfied, don't let that concern you. The bar was being raised for you because VIP's knew you were capable of more. Now, career pressure is easing, and best of all, reward is due you for your willingness to stay the course. Earned income gets a boost on february 17 and 18.

    Love, friendships, and business contacts are golden this month and form the biggest theme for you now. Listen to those near you who have your best interests in mind. In this magical month, what matters most is not what you know, but who. On another note, a serious decision about a close relationship or a pregnancy will be made at the full moon on february 5. Still, if anyone can benefit from this full moon, it's you! Falling in fellow fire-sign Sagittarius (a wonderful point in the sky), this full moon will help love reach fullness on more than one level.

    Mid-month, when the planets shine in such a dazzling way, vow to be out and about attending functions. Your best days could be february 13-14 when your ruler, the Sun, will glide into perfect step with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune — a rare occurrence. That's your best day of the year for falling in love, starting new friendships, joining a new group, or helping out a charity you care about. It's also a superb time to ask an authority figure for a favor. Don't forget that february 19 is pretty special too, a day when a long-held wish is well within your grasp. There is no doubt that at several points in the month you will be feeling amorous and ready for love. Lucky you!

    Finally, the eclipse on february 21 activates the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Toss out old phobias, bad habits, and whatever is no longer relevant to your future. In just one year Jupiter will be entering Leo (for the first time in twelve years), and you will need to be ready. Get rid of things that hold you down. The train is leaving next year, in August 2002, so start packing with the intent to leave behind all that you don't need any more. This eclipse will help you start the process that will take a year to complete. Light and free, you need to enter the future with optimism. Leave lots of room in your suitcase for the new memories you will be spinning from your new location.

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